Web Development

MGO Technologies has an extensive range of expertise in the field of web development, ensuring that your organization will have constant access to a number of high quality services that can be utilized to deliver a successful web presence. Our team demonstrates vast expertise and experience in the development of websites/e-commerce portals that will portray the image that your organization deserves.

Affordable Pricing

Our vast onshore and offshore human capital and expertise gives your organization access to website development services at reasonable and competitive pricing.

MGO Technologies, among a vast collection of services, offers to develop and integrate ecommerce site into your organization’s website, guaranteeing your customers a consistent web experience. The service enables your organization to paint a comprehensive picture of the company objectives, products, prices, payment methods, promotions, and future customer support services. Our team also provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, allowing organizations to take advantage of the increasingly essential phenomenon in attracting and retaining customers. In other words, MGO Technologies guarantees proper utilization of SEO techniques throughout your website, thereby aiding your organization in enhancing its web presence. For more information on the SEO services, please click here.

In addition to our other services, our team offers the hosting of your website in our North American infrastructure. Moreover, the MGO Technologies team is also highly capable of maintaining and managing your website, all while securing it to remain both fully functional and highly available.

Our highly skilled team consists of experts with experience in PHP, SQL, Dot Net, WordPress, HTML 5.0, back-end system integration, blog integration, a number of content management options, and much more.

Key Benefits:

  • Enables the development of your website to portray the image that your organization deserves
  • Attractive visual appeal through innovative design, which is essential to instigating interaction with your prospective customers
  • Content is presented in a clear, concise, and structured manner, so as to accurately notify customers of what your organization offers
  • High uptime of the hosting environment, ensuring that important opportunities to interact with customers are not lost
  • Utilizing SEO techniques helps websites appear on the initial pages of search engines, thereby enabling the organization to achieve higher visibility and more prospective customers

Stay Updated

MGO is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will always be available to help you keep your site updated and refreshed!


Our Expertise

Our highly skilled team consists of experts with experience in PHP, SQL, Dot Net, WordPress, HTML 5.0, back-end system integration, and much more.

Fully Responsive

We develop all websites to ensure a consistent experience across multiple platforms. Sites will be fully responsive with all mobile devices.

Our client Lush Gourmet Foods website responsive on all platforms